Is Keurig Worth It? Keurig Single Serve Coffee Makers

Is Keurig Worth It?This is a question many coffee lovers and buyers on the fence may ask themselves, maybe yourself: Is Keurig Worth It?

In our previous article we started discussing single cup coffee maker and Keurig is one of the most popular brand out there. Keurig indeed has several bestsellers in the category of the single serve coffee makers, and have its own cups specific to their machines, the K cups.

Is Keurig Worth It?

First, as we said, they have several products, but their system is now tested and proven and about quite the same on every product. The difference is in the various features, size and performances of each machine, which anyway are very good.

Keurig Single Serve Coffee Makers Features

One of the feature you may be interested in is the serving size. For example the Keurig B40, or Keurig Elite Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System offers 2 serving size (7-1/4-ounce and a 9-1/4-ounce), while the Keurig B60, aka Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet has 3 brew size options (adding the 5.25 ounce cup).

The Keurig B70, aka Keurig Platinum offers 5 size options (3-1/4-ounce iced beverage, small 5-1/4-ounce cup, 7-1/4-ounce small mug, 9-1/4-ounce large mug, and an 11-1/4-ounce travel mug). It also has a 60 ounce water reservoir while the other 2 have 48 ounce reservoirs, and you can adjust the temperature.

These are the major differences between each models. They all have a removable drip tray and a 2-hour automatic shut-off and descale indicator. The bigger ones have blue lit display to adjust options.

Each machines will allow you to brew more than just coffee: get a great tea or hot cocoa drink in these cold days feel really good. OVER 70 VARIETIES!

Customers who bought a Keurig single serve coffee maker all report their machine brews a great coffee.

Keurig Single Serve Coffee MakerAny downsides?

Yes, when it works, it’s perfect. But our research showed that few people report their coffee maker stopped working properly after few months to a year. This is of course very annoying for a machine that costs over $100. However the Keurig customer service is very friendly and will replace the machine.

Another negative could be the noise and vibrating this makes. But this is actually pretty normal for a machine that pumps pressurized hot water (all others do). This only takes a few seconds and you get a great cup of coffee.

We wanted to show you a couple of Keurig reviews so you can make your own opinion on these machines and decide if Keurig is worth it.

First read this Keurig B40 review. 99% of people who read this review found it helpful, so hopefully you will like it too.

“…If I was going to pay $100 for a coffee machine, I wanted to be sure I knew as much as possible about it. I finally purchased the B40, and after getting it today and having brewed four cups of coffee so far, I offer the following review (from a BLACK COFFEE drinker, no milk, no sugar):…” Read the full review.

And below is a Keurig B60 review.

Extract: “If you’re reading this review, you’re most likely doing research and trying to decide between the Keurig line (B40,B50,B60), the Tassimo, or the Senseo. Out of those three, the Keurig is the best looking, the most durable, has the best heating and pumping mechanism, and has the largest variety of coffees and teas available. …” Read the full review.

So, one last time?

Is Keurig Worth It?

We think yes, Keurig is worh buying in a sense that you can get a great coffee. There are much more models than the one we quickly discussed here (B40, B60 and B70). Keurig also make smaller machines, such as the mini coffee maker, and also office and work coffee makers. They offer a wide variety of coffee, tea and cocoa which is always great to discover new flavors.

The customer support is responsive and the annoyance of noise and vibrating should not be a deal breaker. Any good coffee maker will do noise, especially in these prices which are still fair in the home use category.

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